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Manual sweeper

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Simplify the cleaning process of your floors and surfaces and save time and money with our automated cleaning equipment!

Whether you are responsible for the maintenance of a hospital, a school, a municipal or government building, a large warehouse or a smaller business, Fredette Inc. offers you optimized cleaning solutions for the sweeping and washing of your indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our mission: to help you keep your floors sparkling clean! We will help you choose the FREDETTE device best suited to your needs and reality.

FREDETTE, a safe choice

Its products are specifically designed in order to efficiently respond to the needs of the commercial, industrial and institutionnal sectors in terms of cleaning equipment. Indeed, our designers are constantly monitoring market needs and trends in order to offer innovative products with state-of-the-art technology to clean floors and other surfaces. Each machine is developed by taking into account its impact on the environment, ergonomics, effectiveness, reliability and loudness.

  • Reduce the level of endurance and strenght required to do the job
  • Reduce labour costs for buyers
  • Improve maintenance team productivity
  • Improve performance standards for the industry

Furthermore, FREDETTE has an entire department dedicated to the continuous training of its official providers. These providers are thus informed about the performance, operating methods, maintenance techniques and the repair of new products available on the market. Therefore, clients are ensured that their machines function optimaly for many years to come.